M1750/1815 Dragonpallask

This was, as far as I know, the first of the Danish swords to be “modernized” after the “Two Sovereign Nations under one King” thing in 1814. From the left is the for Norway unique M1750/26 with the huge M1726 blade, in the middle two M1815 destruction’s where you can see parts of the crown on the left one and where the right one is sanded/filed or whatever down to a complete smooth surface. On the right hand side is the usual M1750. From my point of view, this has a lot in common with blowing up ancient Buddha statues. Afghanistan!

The M1815 version on the right hand side must have been customized for one huge man. Usually the blade length was shortened from about 83 cm to 75,5-76 cm on the M1815. This one has the longest blade I have ever seen on any M1850 with the original blade – it is a full 89 cm ling. The hilt is also somewhat customized. The grip is prolonged almost 2 cm by cutting the neck band and the upper rail (click on the picture to enlarge it and see the arrows). I stand a good 6′ tall and have fairly wide hands, but my hand just “drowns” in this hilt – and soldiers at the time only stood 5’4″ in average.

I noticed the “repairs when I bought this sword many years ago – and thought they were repairs. After some years I started wondering why the long blade and then I found out that the hilt also was huge.

The value of a M1750/1815 is only about half of that on an original M1750.