M1833 Cavalry saber – incomplete

This is really, really embarrassing! I just can’t find this sword. I’ll look some more and as a worst case show the Swedish version (that I found) until I get myself a new one. Grrrr! That is sort of one of the things nobody would be bothered to steal, so it must be somewhere.

The first hilt is from the Norwegian Artillery saber M1833. The grip and the blade is identical to the M1833 Cavalry saber.

The next hilt is a from Swedish Cavalry saber, the guard rails on this are the same as on the Norwegian M1833 cavalry saber, but the grip and blade are the same as on the Norwegian M1833 Artillery saber.

The saber at the bottom is the Swedish one, the scabbards are the same, but again, the grip and blade are different from the Norwegian.

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