Links in English for collectors

Arms Collectors – Really good link page + a lot more for collectors
NM Gun Collector – more links
Elverumske Skiløber Compagnie – Loads of information concentrating on 1707-1814
Fire-arms – presentation of the different mechanisms 1400-1820
Gunboard Discussion Forums – active forums within a number of topics
Husqvarna – Their civilian long-guns + other Scandinavian civilian long-guns
LittleGun Belgium – A load of information on the gunsmiths of Belgium in the late 1800’s
Military rifles – a great page covering the transition period
The Norwegian kammerlader – focused on the use
Krag Jørgensen – presentation in English
Military rifles (1865-1888) – The first cartridge guns, loads of information
Scandinavian bayonets – extremely good bayonet pages, the reference pages!
Swedish military ammunition – good pages (wish I was as good at web-design as him)