M1856 Infantry officer’s saber

The M1856 was the result of trying to create a saber that should have a good blade, would protect the hand well and look great with a dress uniform, from my point of view they succeeded. But the officers of the time did not agree, they preferred their lighter sabers, partly as the officer had to pay for his own saber, partly because sabers were increasingly less important in battle.

All the early M1856 sabers were made at Kongsberg and came with a leather scabbard. In 1866 this was changed to a steel scabbard with brass mountings. At the same time the hilt was slightly reduced in size. The M1856 was also produced in Germany. These tended to be somewhat smaller and lighter than the Kongsberg produced ones, this might be due the fact that these were not meant for action and the dissatisfaction with the heavy ones from Kongsberg.