M1890 Officer’s saber

The picture shows two versions of this officers saber. The top one is a fairly early version from before 1904, with the lion of 1844 on the basket and the “old fashioned2 ring for carrying ring. The other one is from after 1906, with the 1906 lion and the 1904 carrying loop attached to the rear of the scabbard. This saber is still in use as the Norwegian officer’s saber of 2011 – a full 120 years, that is bound to set some kind of a record (the main Norwegian military rifle – the AG3 – is from 1963, pretty new compared to this…).

An interesting thing if you look closely at the picture. The blade of the old version is almost twice as wide as on the modern one. The old one could have some degree of value as a tool, the new one is a flimsy, decoration and nothing else. No, you are right, I just don’t like this stuff! But click the picture to enlarge if you do!