M1740 Dragonpallask

This one of the most difficult of the dragonpallask’s to date. The official date is probably 1746, but then Fredrik V already had taken the throne. This one has a very faint C6 on the blade and Christian VI died in 1746.   In Norway we therefor call this a M1740, but the grips are actually much older. They were bought from Saxon in the early 1700’s, but first taken into use around the 1740’s. There was also another version of this sword, fitted with the blade of the M1750. This is called the M1746 in Norway.

Fredrik IV had a massive production of weapons and Christian VI only reigned for 16 years. There are there fairly few C6 marked weapons to be found today.

With a lot of good will and some fantasy, it is almost possible to see that there is/has been a C6 on this blade…

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