M1787 Skiløpersabel

The skiløpersabel (ski runners saber) was most probably produced in Trondheim from 1774 and in “modern terms” is now most ofter called Skiløpersabel M1774/98. Being a collector of old stuff, one tends to get to be fairly conservative. I will therefor stick to the “old” M1787.

Compared to the M1853 infantry saber, it has a 3 cm longer blade (63 cm) that is much wider (4 cm), heavier and more solid. While the M1753 is single-edged, this is double-edged about half way up. The grip plate is much narrower than on the M1753 in order to not hinder skiing. Seen from the side, the grip is very much like the M1753 grip.

The markings indicate that all the Skiløpersabler were used Nordenfjells (north of the mountains – in reality up north of Dovre mountain, towards Trondheim). Those to be found have markings H C for the Holtålske kompani, M C for the Meråkerske kompani and S C for the Snåsenske kompani. I don’t know how many were produced of these, but today even the skiløpersabel for privates are fairly scarce.

I have been lucky enough to also get hold of a skiløpersabel in the officers version. Only three of these are known today, all of them fitted with different grips (the Norwegian officers had to buy their own arm’s out of their pocket). Mine has the most primitive grip of the three, but absolutely the better blade. I would guess that the for shown on this page most probably is the largest privately owned collection of skiløpersabler.