M1776 Hussar saber

This is a dangerous weapon! You don’t even have to take it out of the scabbard. Give somebody a knock on the head with this – and they are out!

I actually have a problem identifying this saber. As far as I know, the M1776 should have a part leather scabbard, this one has an all iron. The M1776 should also have a thin fuller along the back of the blade, this does not. On the other hand, the first blades were received from abroad and were without the fuller. There was also a replacement blades shipment of Hungarian Hussar blades from Solingen in 1792. This might be one of those blades.

And the scabbard? Fits like hand in a glove and this blade is seriously long and even more seriously wide, so it must be the correct scabbard for the saber. No other Danish edged weapon has a blade as huge as this.

Kay Nielsen’s book “Danske Blankvåben” is only confusing on this Husar saber. He has the same saber pictured as both the M1776 and the M1808. I hope there is a collector with more knowledge than me that can set me straight. Mail me at