1800 type Cavalry Officer’s Saber

From 1789 to just after the turn of the century there were produced a load of different models in DkN, most somewhat according to the officer’s sword M1789, but with endless variations. Some of these were used by officers, but many were made for Borgerbevæpningen – Citizens weapons. Here probably only a Danish expert can see the difference and really decide what the sword was used for.

Due to the curved blade, I choose to see these as cavalryofficer’s sabers – until somebody corrects me.

Like most of the M1789’s, the blade quality is poor and they easily rust with deep pitting. The leather scabbards  keeps moisture and enhances this process. Finding really good blades on DkN sabers from 1789-1815 is difficult, but when found – they are beautiful. These sabers have probably never seen use in Norway.