M1750 Dragonpallask

I have always believed the M1750 in its original form to one of the most beautiful of the dragonpallask’s. It is fairly common in one of the various “ruined” versions, but increasingly more difficult to find in this original version with the ring for the thumb, the blade in full length with the etchings including the F5 mirror monogram intact etc.

There evidently were a lot of the M1750’s lying around, first they butchered off the thumb ring, later in 1791 they made a “new” small-sword out of it by removing the grip plate, and dramatically shortening the blade sanding away the etching on it. See more about this on the M1791.

There were also a number of these in Norway in 1814. The swedes did not like the Norwegian army using Danish weapons with Danish Kings mirror monograms on baskets and blades and ordered this sanded off. Why do people have to screw up our cultural inheritance?

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