M1750/26 Dragonpallask

This is an “all-Norwegian” contraption. It is the M1750 hilt fitted with a replacement blade for the M1726 dragonpallask, therefor the very unusual way of stating the model year. A limited number of these do exist, but from my point of view this should not really qualify for giving the sword a model – unless this was a decree from Denmark at the time.Anyhow, it is a big, beautiful sword with a massive and heavy blade.

I really try to show the very best weapon I have of each kind on these pages, but when photographing the M1750/26 I was kind of unlucky. My best sample of this sword belongs in a rather complicated decoration on my wall (see the picture on the bottom of the page). I dismantled this in order to take the pictures and then put everything back on the wall. This was much more hazel than I had expected it to be.

When feeding my pictures to the computer, I somehow managed to “loose” the picture of the whole M1750/26 and only found pictures of the top of the blade and the hilts. So these are taken of the very good one, but the top picture is taken of one in fairly good condition (I just did not want to disassemble everything for only one picture, yes – I am lazy!). The really good one is no 2 from the bottom left on the picture.

You are aware of getting larger pictures if you click on them?