M1780 Offiserspallask

This sword is said to have been used by a Norwegian servicing as officer in the Danish army in Northern Germany in the late 1700’s. I am very skeptical to information like this, and even more skeptical to an officers sword carrying an enlisted man’s sword blade. But the sword seem authentically sound (have had it by a couple of very knowledgeable collectors), so…

In the late 1700’s Denmark included Germany just about down to Hamburg (Altona). Altona was one of Denmark’s most important harbors for some 200 years until 1864. They had major fortifications there and a standing army where also Norwegian officers participated.

I have seen three of these swords – all with different blades. What I did not like with this sword, is that it had a M1789 dragonpallask blade. The blade from a weapon for enlisted men. Officers in the Danish/Norwegian army had to pay for their weapons them-self. But they hardly ever used replacement parts from the weapon the enlisted men used – as far as I know.

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