M1843 naval pistol

Firstly, this is probably not a M1843, but a M1845 model. The naval records are non-existing after British bombing of Carl Johans Vern during WW2, but the M1843 is the year “everybody” knows and I’ll stick to it. M1843 is also the model year of the naval musket and pillar breech rifle with approximately the same lock as this pistol.

While the M1843 is one of Norway nicest and most esthetically designed long-guns, the pistol is a complete disaster area! The bend of the stock weakened the strength of the wood – and most stocks snapped like the one on the picture to the left. Secondly – it just does not look good. Not at all!

There are supposedly made more than 800 of this pistol, but it is jolly hard to find. As naval numbering often was rather – eh – strange, my guess is that a lot fewer really were made.