M1795 Husar flintlock pistol

This pistol with the “parrot beak” stock has a couple of interesting features. The first of the “parrot beaks” came in 1748 – and the stocks snapped. New and bettered versions came – and the stocks snapped. The parrot beak shape really takes all the strength out of the wood. Looking closely at this pistol, the trigger guard goes almost down to the but plate in front and the but plate comes up as high as the lock in the rear. This stock took over from the M1777 – that snapped!

A Danish Hussar detachment (light cavalry) was stationed in Christiania (Oslo) from 1796-1807 and they most probably had this pistol. If so, the pistol saw a very limited use in Norway, but there are no records of it being used here after 1807.

The pistol length is the same as the 1798 conversion – 45 cm and about 1400 were delivered.