M1740 & M1744 flintlock pistols

These are really “almost” two models, the top two pistols are in Norway called the M1740 although they did not arrive here before around 1750, the bottom one is called the M1744. In Denmark the first ones are called M1741 and the other one is hardly mentioned…

The M1740 is a big, black & beautiful pistol, 51 cm long and produced in Suhl. The M1744 is an even bigger, chunkier, not beautiful and rather crude pistol compared to the M1740. They are very alike, but – can the M1744 have been produced in Norway as a copy of the M1740?

The rear barrel is octagonal the first third, then round with a flat upper surface all the way from the tang to the muzzle. The mounts are of iron.

Norway had rather a lot of the M1740’s and they saw a lot of use. They are getting increasingly more difficult finding in good condition, but strangely the value of these seems to have stagnated completely the last ten years or so while the auction prices of the much more common M1772 has increased to almost the same level, at least in Norway. Strange!

On the picture at the bottom of the page, the two different M1740’s are compared to a M1772. The M1772 is a very nice pistol, but iron mounting is ever so much more attractive.