M1831/46 flankør & studser pistol

I regretfully don’t have the flintlock version of these!

These came in sets consisting of one rifled (studser) pistol, one smooth-bore (flankør) pistol, a stock that would fit them both and a ramrod (that I don’t have). The pistol is a copy of the Swedish M1820 and in flintlock it actually is difficult to see the difference (the shoulder-stocks are not interchangeable). Even if the Norwegian is the copy, it is worth several times the Swedish.

There were made a total of 1280 pairs of these, so they are really not that rare.

The picture to the left shows the rail on the stock for the fastening of the shoulder-stock. Both the M1831 and the M1834 have this and the shoulder-stocks are “almost” interchangeable between the two models. The M1835 is seemingly identical to the M1835, but lacks the rail.

The M1831 is identified by the lock-plate ending in a point.

You get a larger picture by clicking on them with the mouse.