M1860/67 Navy Landmark

M1860/67 4”’ kammerlader – Landmark

1860LandmarkkomplThis is the navy’s cartridge version of the Kort M1860 (Short M1860), the original breech loaded military version of the M1860 is virtually non-existing. The navy only used the rifle in its short version and, objective to the other kammerlader’s used by the navy, this only has two bands (there might be some out there with three bands as well).

This rifle is a great look’er with an intriguing and highly unusual mechanism. As a percussion rifle, the hammer hit a cap underneath the chamber. As a cartridge rifle, the hammer hit a curved firing pin that again fires off the rimfire cartridge.

One intersting thing with this rifle is that it has adapten the army’s three little bolt for receiving and locking the side lever.

The navy used a socked bayonet on the Kort M1860, whilst the army used a sword bayonet.

All the navy kammerlader’s are fairly scarce, on the other hand a lot more people collect army than navy – so the prices don’t really show the degree of (or lack of degree of) availability.

The naval M1860 is not sold very often, but I would guess the price in the range of NOK 15 000 for a fairly nice one – they usually are very nice.