M1834/41 Infantry musket

The M1834/41/60 Tappstudser (shortened pillar breech rifle) ant the M1834/41/51 Tapprifle (Pillar breech rifle) are probably the two most desirable versions of the Kongsberg M1834 infantry musket. Well, the flintlock version would be even better, but that regretfully just does not exist.

The M1834 was to be the last flintlock to be made for the Norwegian army (if it ever was supplied as a flintlock at all) and also the last muzzle loader to be made for the regular army. The next army long-gun was the first breech loaded kammerlader M1842. So what happened to all these infantry muskets as they were just about obsolete only some 10-12 years after having been produced?

Some, like the one at the bottom were kept as percussion muskets M1834/41. The best ones were rifled up – # 2 from the bottom, got a pillar attached to the barrel tang screw (three knock with the ramrod and the bullet expanded to fill the rifling – a fast loaded muzzle loaded rifle) and advanced sights as M1834/41/51. The almost as good, were shortened down and converted to pillars breech as M1834/41/60. And the fairly bad ones? They were also shortened down, remained muskets, but got the same sword bayonet as the Tappstudser and where used for drill etc., also as M1834/41/60. Yes, I know, but the military of that day probably did not…

All the Kongsberg infantry musket are fairly scarce.
I’m always interested in more Kongsberg infantry muskets/rifles, so if you by chance should have one, please mail me at .