M1849/55/59 Hertzberg kammerlader

gev_bajThis is a truly beautiful rifle that damascenereven though rebuilt, still is in next to perfect condition. 97 % of the original milk chocolate coloured staining is there and one can see the damascene pattern through the staining. The lovely slight greenish rear sight and all the numbers match – # 455. Even the bayonet has matching number and is in great condition.

There were made 2000 of the M1849 at Crause in Hertzberg. With the exception of some minor differences in the markings, they are identical to the 2000 produced in Liege and the 6021 at Kongsberg.

In 1855 the rear sight was moved from behind the breech chamber to the rear of the barrel. The new rear sight also had a built in simple distance-measuring device.

As only Kongsberg made the M1955 and the M1859, it is evident that this must be an M1849 or earlier. Thenummer M1842 and M1846 have screws on the rear top plate of the breech after the moving of the sight. These are missing on this rifle and there is a little metal plate fitted in to the top plate. This proves that the rifle originally was a M1849. Whilst it was a M1849 and M1855 it was equipped with a socket bayonet.

In 1859 the barrel was shortened down to 77 cm and one band removed. The spring holding what now is the front band was turned 180 degrees and the hole from where it had been was filled with a splinter. The rifle also got a new bayonet – the sword bayonet (see my M1849 page).