M1846 Army kammerlader

The M1842 kammerlader was more or less an experimental model and there were only produced 400 + 100 of it. After some experience with it, a number of details were corrected and the new model M1846 was put in production.

The M1846 seems very similar to the M1842, but is really just about all different. The easiest difference to spot, is the hammer. Although the section that hits the percussion cap still is very small compared to the later models – round with a diameter of 8 mm, the handle of the hammer is a lot wider and is flat on top, the M1842 has more of a ridge. The picture to the right shows a M1849 at the top, then a M1846 and a M1842. Click the pictures to get them larger.

The stock has the same straight line from the trigger guard to the butt plate as the M1842, but the butplate is thicker and goes down in an almost 90 degree angle from the top of the stock. The brass bands are thicker on the M1846 than the M1842, the threads on all screws are a lot deeper etc. etc. On the M1849 (the top one on the picture to the left) and later models for the army, there is a slight curve between the trigger guard and the butt plate. You might also notice that there is a difference on the angle of the butt plate from the M1842  (the bottom rifle on the picture) and the others.

There were produced some 6000 of the M1846 kammerlader rifle – 3000 at Kongsberg. Crause in Hertzberg and Francotte in Liege produced an additional 1500 each. The difference in markings etc. is shown under the M1849 kammerladers.

Most of the M1846 saw a lot of use and they are often pretty worn compared to the later kammerlader models. The M1846 with the original rear sight is extremely scarce. The rifle at the top of the page is a M1846/55, where the rear sights has been moved forwards and attached with a ring round the barrel. The picture to the left shows the original rear sight in comparison to the M1855 sight.

When changed in 1855, the two screws holdig the little plate behind the chamber and under the original sight were kept – different from all later models of the 18 lødig (16,7 mm) army kammerlader.

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