The Schwedendegen

The Schwedendegen were a fairly light swords with either a straight double-edged blade or a slightly curved single-edged blade (schwedensabel in Norwegian).  The hilt had two large side-rings, each fitted with a plate in perforated iron and usually with two knuckle-bows with double-bulbs and thumb-ring.  Most of these swords were made in today’s South-Eastern Germany from the 1630’s or 40’s in pretty large quantities. In the picture, the two top ones are the scwedensabel and the two bottom ones the Schwedendegen.

The top sword on the picture looks more like the Dutch walloon as it lacks the bulbs on the knuckle-bows, but is probably just a later Schwedensabel. These swords were in use by the DkN army until the early 1700’s, when centrally arms were approved and distributed.

The Scwedendegen really are nice, well made swords and due to the vast amounts that were made, they do not cost an arm and a leg. Most 17. century sword a rather expensive today, here is the proof that all rules have an exception.