M1825 Entrebile

This naval axe was made for entering the enemy’s vessels. The long spike could be driven into the side of the vessel to be entered so the crew would have easier access. I find it to be a stroke of genius in aesthetics and beauty although it still kept its value at a tool and a deadly weapon.

The entrebile (axe to enter) was produced at Kongsberg and together with so many other of the early Kongsberg weapons, it shows that the workmanship  left a lot to be desired. There are long, black grooves all over the axe, air filled pockets in the iron. But it still was usable and that was the main thing.

They came in a short and a long version, the one on the picture is the short one, with a total length of 81 cm.

Yes – I know, this isn’t really a sword, but where else should I put it?