M1791 Jäger rifle

The very nice M1791 with it’s absolutely ludicrous bayonet. I really like these short, stocky rifles, but am amazed that the Danes ever could think of putting a huge, heavy sword as a bayonet way out on the left side of the rifle. It was utterly and completely useless, but it took some 25 years before they admitted it.

I bought this rifle from an elderly Norwegian collector some years ago – and got it by mail. He was somewhat hesitant to the bayonet and believed it could be a fake. It was! The bayonet on the top picture is an original, but the Danes are real good at taking a common M1801 hirshfänger worth peanuts, adding the bayonet angle and selling it off as an original Hirshfänger bayonet at 8-10 times the price of the hirshfänger. Count your fingers and toes when dealing with Danes!

The stock has possibly been replaced in Norway at some time, as it now features a birch stock. But according to Danish sources they also have birch stock on a number of the Danish M1791’s (could it be that they have been taken back from Norway in modern times, I believed the Danes mainly used beech).

The barrel has beautiful Norwegian regimental markings. Please mail me if you know of any more Danish/Norwegian jäger rifles at .