M1843 Krigsskolegevær

The krigsskolegevær (War School Long-gun) were made in three barrel lengths for the young cadets – 100 cm, 95 cm and 90 cm long. Quantities were fairly moderat – 30 of the long ones, 20 of the medium and 30 of the shortest. This is the only conventional percussion long-gun ever approved by the Norwegian army. You will actually see 15 % of all made of the medium length version on this page.

They are very similar to the M1834/41, but the lock is smaller on this one, they lack the long tongue on the middle band and the side plate is different.

The Krigsskolegevær probably started out unstained, but two of mine are stained (well, the longest one most certainly has an original army staining, I’m slightly more hesitant to the other one). The two other medium sized I have are in the white and probably never have stained.